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Mr. Abelardo Selma Cañedo Jr.
We appreciate your interest in Paramount Property Ventures. We've been building distinctive new homes in beautiful communities, and we'd be honored to build yours.
Lifestyle communities speak largely of what we are. More than just building quaint communityscapes, Paramount Property Ventures Inc (PPVI) is also an investment builder for those who seek the long-term value of the properties they purchase.

And in just five years of existence, PPVI is among the trusted and emerging leaders in the real estate community for its value-based and inventive approach to the projects it undertakes offering world-class and exceptional standards in construction and development. Be they, residential, commercial and memorial park development, PPVI delivers properties that are synonymous to quality and exhilarating experiences.

We are committed to unparalleled service and exceptional quality, and we offer you the ability to customize your home by choosing from our upgrades.

We aim to develop exceptional communities, creating amenities that challenge and exhilarate, while upholding our unwavering commitment to the places we call home. We desire our customers and investors to put their trust in our company to build not only their homes, but also to build their communities.

At Paramount Property Ventures, we create more than just homes- we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional community experiences.

Abelardo Selma Canedo Jr.
Paramount Property Ventures Inc.

Offspring Companies
Choosing PPVI as your home-builder brings behind a wealth of experience and reliability in construction and related industries. PPVI is an offspring of the following giant companies:
Frasec Ventures, Inc.
Frasec Ventures Corporation A mining contractor operating nationwide. Serving multi-national companies in the Philippines, its primary line of business includes earthmoving and equipment leasing. Frasec Mining envisions to own rights and operate its own metallic and non-metallic mines.
1kon Philippines
1kon Philippines A full service home builder and contractor. Its principal activity includes vertical and horizontal construction. Currently utilized as the construction arm of PPVI and LPDC.
Legacy Plains Developers Corporation (LPDC)
Legacy Plains Developers Corporation (LPDC) A real estate developer that specializes on the development and operations of memorial gardens. With growing projects in Cebu, it upholds family-oriented and child-friendly parks and gardens, catering mostly to middle-income families. Legacy Plains Developers Corporation is the developer of Celestial Meadows Memorial Park (Minglanilla), Legacy Plains Memorial Park (Naga), andLegacy Plains Memorial Park (Toledo).
Anseca-Acelco Ventures, Inc. (AAVI)
Anseca-Acelco Ventures, Inc. (AAVI) An expanded venture company of Anseca Development Corporation and ACELCO. It is an earthmoving contractor exposed in the field of mining and land development, having a fleet of 350 units of heavy equipment stationed and operating in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Anseca-Acelco Ventures,Inc. is branded to be the pioneer in the mining industry in the Philippines with over twenty (20) years track record in operation and serving contracts with the worlds top leaders in cement manufacturing like La Farge Cement, Cemex Philippines, Holderbank Cement, Philex Mining, and Atlas Mining to mention a few.
Allied Contractors and Equipments Lessors Corp (ACELCO)
Allied Contractors and Equipments Lessors Corp (ACELCO) Engaged in heavy equipment leasing and exposed in horizontal development and quarrying.
Other Affiliate Companies: Isis Global Marketing Group | Altezza Property Management | AA Earthserv Phils. | REKKAP Philippines

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PPVI is an ethical property developer and is dedicated to working toward reducing the environmental footprint of humanity while respecting the character of the place in which our projects are built. By working with the natural features of the land and by fitting into the distinctive pattern of the neighborhood, a new community can blend into its natural topography and appear to belong there.

Social Responsibilities
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